Bulk Bare Shell



Houses@ Cost Price






LLP Model


A classic product where a group of investors pool in their capital in an LLP Co and purchase plots in the residential zone of tier 1 and tier 2 cities of India. The LLP engages a third party contractor who executes the project from design to built, does the financial modeling raises debt for the project from financial institutes ,manages the project, looks after the sales and maintains the cash flows between the sale and construction time and completes the projects on time. PIPL take a 10% lead in the LLP does the due diligence of the target land parcel, manages and sells through its multiple marketing portals that provides custom designed pre-furnished interior done houses thus overlooking the entire aspect of management of projects. Civil contracting is done by the parent Company giving the projects a reliability & guarantee of expected deliverables in terms of time and quality of the projects.






Income Villas


Income generating villas a unique product promoted by the company wherein we provide an early entry in projects promoted by the company as well as lucrative projects listed by various promoters and developers. PIPL provides ready to move-in designer and lifestyle villas for investors and individuals who look at investing, personally using the villa or make money in the entry and exit in these well placed projects. All the projects that the investors invests in are at a cost which is 20-30% lesser than the market cost thus making money at entry levels only further benefiting from all the upside premium of the respective projects. These villas get a free listing at the investors discretion on the HOLIDAYMATTERS.IN a membership to the VACATION HOME OWNERS Club. We promotes vacation in offbeat locations as an alternate for group vacation, for a quick rest and recuperation, making these villas revenue generating vacation homes. To top it all these projects are pre approved by financial institutions enabling the client to explore the combination of equity & debt towards owning their villas.


What is AIREā„¢ alternate investment in real estate?


Investment in

Real Estate


This option provides the investor to purchase Bulk Bare Shell properties in projects listed on our website HOUSINGPEOPLE.IN Using the facilities of Principle Infra Projects Ltd these bare shell units are completed into pre-furnished &interior done houses by FURNISHEDHOUSING.IN &sold in the open market through our various marketing portals.These portals are owned by the promoters of PIPL,a company that promotes and provides ready to move in houses for its clients.






Houses at cost price are a simple formula product wherein the investor can invest in the project at cost price i.e. Land cost plus Construction cost. The investor participates with the entire land cost of the area that he intends to invest in and an addition of 20 % of the construction cost at the beginning of the project then the remaining of the construction cost and other cost as per schedule of construction. The investor gets the product at cost price. This is an attractive investment product for clients who are looking to move in these houses or investors who invest in built properties giving them a huge saving. This product can pre-furnished & designed as per the investors choice.





SPV Model


Investment in this model enables the investor to leverage their investment by investing in raw virgin land parcels for creating specialized gated communities, second homes, next- gen cities or sell developed land as an savings product. Princile Infra Projects Ltd (PIPL), our company identifies land parcels in various locations and helps the investor to acquire, develop & sell these plots via its specialised portal www.LandExchange.in this is a leader in promoting land as a preferred savings product and provides an excellent platform for development and MKTG & Sales of the said plot in the open market through its various proprietary initiatives thereby giving a quick turnaround and constant cash flow for the investor making their investments churn multiple times.

(This is a specialized structure please get in touch with us for further details and participation.)